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This is an RP group dedicated for the wonderful works from Studio Ghibli.
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These spots are now open.

Admin Post

Can everyone please unfollow Totoro? They have decided to delete their account without saying anything.

I should also mention that awhile I understand that everyone has lives, it would be nice if people could log in twice maybe three times a week for threads. I’ve noticed a bunch of roleplayers who havent logged back in 5 days and that’s discouraging. If you cannot handle having the role for whatever the reason, please let an admin know. Because it isn’t fair to those who wish to rp with that character or people who wish to take up that role.

If there is a special circumstance as to why you cannot log in for a long period of time, please let an admin know. 

Thank you.

Everyone welcome Arren into the group!

nine-tailed-anarchy sent: Here's your Arren (tales from earthsea)

Welcome Arren!

Hello all

Sorry about the lack of updates and general absence altogether >.<

I see that we have some new characters to add to the overall masterlist.

Is there any other requests I should be aware of?

-Admin Jonie

king-saintjames sent: Sho's account. :3 Also, my time zone is Eastern.

Welcome Sho!

Byakuro, son of Moro

2 years ago

Who’s All Here!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know who all’s here. You guys are all wonderful roleplayers! All very talented and gifted!

Quick note though; if you all don’t mind, I’d also like to collect time zones as well. Not a requirement, but very much appreciated. 


So here’s the list:

Princess Mononoke (San) [Eastern Time]

The Baron [Eastern Time]

Prince Ashitaka [Eastern Time]

Moro [Central]

Sophie [Eastern Time]

Howl [Eastern Time]

Haru Yoshioka [+8 GMT]

Pazu [Eastern Time]


Asbel [Eastern Time]


Totoro [Pacific Standard]

Chihiro [Eastern Time]


Asbel is here!